Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cam cover painted

did a bit of painting over the last few days and have used the Halfords metallic black on the cam cover. I also polished the adjuster caps which were very scored when i got them.

waited till the missus was out and baked/cured the paint in the oven.

turned out nice!

just bought a front braided brake line, so i have all my braking stuff done bar the disk spacer and bracket for the blue spot calipers.

next on the to do list is to get the engine side covers and head done......

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

chrome has arrived

Just been to RS chrome and picked up the stuff I wanted chroming.

as you can see they have done a good job on the bits.

will rebuild the carbs now and should look good with the extra bling

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Switch mount

Weather wasn't too bad today only 6'C, so i managed to get out and do a bit more on the tracker!

I got a friend of a friend to make me a plate and weld it to a piece of curved plate to make a home for the WW11 bomber headlamp switch. the steel is stainless so i don't envision any rust developing.

The plate was really tough to trim with an angle grinder, so i think it would be a good food grade steel.

here are a few pikkies

with the speedo fitted and a revisit from the projector spots

pick up the chroming Monday.....