Friday, 19 February 2016

New Con rods and GPZ pistons

Bernd on in Germany have found that XJR1300 conrods fit the XS crank.

He also used GPZ900 standard pistons, whilst  at 72.5mm, still ok to bore out the barrel to that size.

 the bearing shells of the XJR.
XS .............. => XJR
1L9-11656-00 => 36Y-11656-00
1L9-11656-10 => 36Y-11656-10
1L9-11656-20 => 36Y-11656-20
1L9-11656-30 => 36Y-11656-30

The pistons need to be modified on a milling machine and new valve cut outs made for the XS valves

 The only issue is that they are 1mm too high.