Saturday, 26 February 2011

Graphic update

My friend came last weekend to pick up the tank.

We had a long discussion and felt I needed to re think the graphics, what worked and what was poo!

He's comming back this weekend, so I need it all to be ready

I downloaded a free program called inkscape which is a vector based drawing program. Well I messed with the rear graphics and learned how to draw and use the pen tool, then decided after all those hours to scrap the rear graphics and stick with the tank ones and a 333 on top of the rear tail!!

that's the graphic I've scrapped on the rear. It was based on an RD250 graphic.

more electrics

Starting to think electrics now as, after the frame's powder coated, I can't weld in more tabs or grind any metal.

Because i have micro MOM (momentary)buttons on the handle bars, I need to have two relays; 1 for the horn and another for the headlamp system. Space is getting really tight under the seat and the only room left is near the rear lamps.

I am going to mount the relays on rubber to isolate from the twin's vibes, to help with reliability and found a flasher relay mount on ebay.

The headlamp relay is a latching one where, if the lamp are off I can use the MOM switch just for flashing. When the lamps are switched on, the MOM button acts to latch the main beam to high. Its VW relay and quite large.

Here's a  picture of the installation, the one facing backwards is the headlamp relay

I also had to find a way of installing the aftermarket TCi I was given. the mounting box i was given was too tall for the only place left to place it (in front of the battery) I took out the board and measured up and found a box on ebay that just needs reducing in height but will fit the PCB. The box came yesterday and spent a few hours with the dremmel.
It came out really well!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Front sprocket cover

Been playing today with Graphics and the front sprocket cover. At first i wanted to dremmel the cover open, but I got sent a picture of one already done and It don't look as good "in the flesh"

I read up on using PnP for making  circuit boards and thought It would be cool to acid etch the alloy after its been polished, with a logo. Alas, the PnP didn't stick to the alloy so I have used a dremmel type tool and grind my design in and then finally used caustic soda ( a strong alkaline, as it works better on ally) within the grind to smooth out the bumps.

  I finally let some paint (PJ1) in the grooves.

here's the alkaline foaming within the etching

Lovely, got to be careful though as the gas given off is Hydrogen, great for blowing up your house!

here's the final result, will need to put more paint in to fill the etching, but looking great!

Monday, 21 February 2011

finished front fender

after using 3 tins of spray paint (that's 2 k build primer, normal high build primer and a tin of satin black), I am finally satisfied with the front guard.

I bought a home-made fork brace made fom stainless and adapted hangers for the front, here's the result

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bronze swing arm bushes

Another parcel came today, new swing arm bushes in bronze as opposed to the plastic rubbish Yamaha put in.

I've had these before for the xs400 restoration bike, i know  when fitted they will need reaming as the fitment will slightly closes up the internal diameter.

Every one's different, so you never know it might not need anything doing.

The bronze bushes have an internal spiral to promote the distribution of the grease throughout the pivot. Talking of pivot bushes, these usually need looking at/need replacing as they can pit if neglected by infrequent greasing!

snaggled these from Germany (again!) via ebay!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'm in heaven, a pressie came today

I only just enquired to one of our German friends on the xs400 forum about his reengineered alternator cover and he sent it in the post
This cover is designed so you don't need to unscrew the main body to time valves and ignition

the centre piece unscrews and there's a little window for the timing. fantastic

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

little update

Sending some stuff to the chromers tomorrow, they'll chrome carb tops, kick lever, top nut and exhaust collar. I have also asked them to zinc the rear brake bracketry etc.

I mostly use rschrome in Manchester, cheap but don't do any repairs, I use classic and chrome in Birmingham for restoration chrome.

Just got an email from a friend down in Bristol who is organising the paint job on the Tank and seat unit. coming up on the 19th Feb and I should have it back a month later!