Saturday, 23 April 2016

Got the GS500 liners machined today so they will fit into the barrel and case of the bike

Monday, 18 April 2016

new pistons

Decidied that the GPZ900 pistons will have too high a compression so I've done some digging and come up with Honda transalp pistons at 74mm.

just bought  some GS500E cylinder liners and had them machined OD 81mm and will get them fitted to an enlarged cyl and crank mouth.

I have also got  aother engine so if it goes pear shaped, I have a back-up

Friday, 19 February 2016

New Con rods and GPZ pistons

Bernd on in Germany have found that XJR1300 conrods fit the XS crank.

He also used GPZ900 standard pistons, whilst  at 72.5mm, still ok to bore out the barrel to that size.

 the bearing shells of the XJR.
XS .............. => XJR
1L9-11656-00 => 36Y-11656-00
1L9-11656-10 => 36Y-11656-10
1L9-11656-20 => 36Y-11656-20
1L9-11656-30 => 36Y-11656-30

The pistons need to be modified on a milling machine and new valve cut outs made for the XS valves

 The only issue is that they are 1mm too high.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

SU carb

Today I started collecting parts for the build.

SU 1 1/4" H2 rebuilt

this mounts at an angle which hopefully will pair up with the angle of the charger.

Need to think about pipe work and mounting the blower.

For this I have made some mounting templates out of card and when I get the tracker MOT'd (as its due) and the FZ600 back up and running, I'll take the bike off the road.

Friday, 8 January 2016

supercharging the XS

this arrived today
Its an Aisin AMR300 Supercharger which I'm fitting to the tracker.

Going to take all year to do, but I think it will be awesome

XJR1300 conrods, weld up the oil hole for the starter chain and fit a 4 rib serpentine pulley in place of the original sprocket.

need to work out the ratio (leaning on 1:1)
Its a suck through system so can't have an intercooler, pop off valve needed for backfires

there's one fitted to an SR500 for inspiration

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

tracker still going strong

Just a little update in that the tracker is still going strong and i have a few updates for 2016.

as Rudolf for Roughleys toy run

Saturday, 12 January 2013

battery ..again

well the new battery died because I over charged it, its supposed not to discharge but it went down to 8 volts and as a battery, 8v is not enough.

So I went back to the alarm battery system and the bike starts a treat.  For £7 I'm not fussing if it goes again I'll just buy a new one :)

updated the airfilter inlets as the old air filter tubes went hard and I couldn't get them on the carbs.

I am running a crank breather tube into an old deodorant bottle as a catch bottle.