Thursday, 28 April 2011

Breather chamber

While I'm waiting for the spacer to be made, I am scratching around looking for things to do.

I have started polishing the engine, but ran out of Dremmel brass brushes (steel puts scratches in the alloy) so waiting for them to arrive via ebay.

So I made a start on the breather chamber, I am keeping the theme I started, with the "gun metal" metalic can paint from Halfords and have areas of polished alloy showing.

thinking about engraving the 333 on the alloy part, but I'm sure you won't be able to see it with the engine in situ!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Made a micro switch

Managed to make a micro switch to light a tri-LED lamp.

Basically the neutral switch is an earth switch and the main beam lamp is a switched live, this little gismo i put together lets me use both formats and lights the LED red for high beam, green for neutral and Amber if I am in neutral and have high beam on. How cool is that!

made a little camera video to demo;

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Frame from powder

Today I picked up my Frame, swing arm and side stand from triple S in Bingley.

As usual, they have done a cracking job, not too thick, just the right amount of Powder!

Pressed in the bronze bushes and now waiting to let the seals dry as I forgot to paint them. I've decided on a whim to paint them gold, just a smidgen in there to allure the curious.

I'll put some more pikkies up when i have something to show.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Clutch Cover

I want a clear clutch cover, but I'm not buying a ring for £70 and then having to get the things welded etc.

I went on ebay and searched for portholes, and a nice little alloy number popped up for £1.60. Bought that and it came today.
So I got out my wet blasting kit, which is basically a power washer with a hose on it to pick up sand.

the power of water pulls the sand with it and takes all the paint off the cover. Anyway, I have a picture for you this time

I think it will look good. Just need to cut a 92mm hole out, make a couple of gaskets and bolt the thing to the cover. This is my spare cover so if it goes pear shaped I have 2 more to go at.

A friend has cut me a 100mm Lexan plate to fit in the window, so I get a clutch window for about £4.

I might even finish it off with some lumiweld round the edges, we'll see though!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

powder coat

No Pictures, I drove a 110 mile round trip today to drop off my frame, swingarm and side stand for Powder coat at triple s in bingley.

I'm having it satin black

my friend  came round today to pick the tank and seat unit  YAY!

when I get the frame back, I'm fitting the taper bearing and bronze bushes, then rebuild the bike.

It was a nice day today so I have spent some more time cleaning the engine, what a drag this is, still, it'll look good (I hope)