Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Clutch Cover

I want a clear clutch cover, but I'm not buying a ring for £70 and then having to get the things welded etc.

I went on ebay and searched for portholes, and a nice little alloy number popped up for £1.60. Bought that and it came today.
So I got out my wet blasting kit, which is basically a power washer with a hose on it to pick up sand.

the power of water pulls the sand with it and takes all the paint off the cover. Anyway, I have a picture for you this time

I think it will look good. Just need to cut a 92mm hole out, make a couple of gaskets and bolt the thing to the cover. This is my spare cover so if it goes pear shaped I have 2 more to go at.

A friend has cut me a 100mm Lexan plate to fit in the window, so I get a clutch window for about £4.

I might even finish it off with some lumiweld round the edges, we'll see though!

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