Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Front sprocket cover

Been playing today with Graphics and the front sprocket cover. At first i wanted to dremmel the cover open, but I got sent a picture of one already done and It don't look as good "in the flesh"

I read up on using PnP for making  circuit boards and thought It would be cool to acid etch the alloy after its been polished, with a logo. Alas, the PnP didn't stick to the alloy so I have used a dremmel type tool and grind my design in and then finally used caustic soda ( a strong alkaline, as it works better on ally) within the grind to smooth out the bumps.

  I finally let some paint (PJ1) in the grooves.

here's the alkaline foaming within the etching

Lovely, got to be careful though as the gas given off is Hydrogen, great for blowing up your house!

here's the final result, will need to put more paint in to fill the etching, but looking great!

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