Saturday, 17 September 2011

tracker pictures

Got a good hours worth of new photographs of the track today.



  1. thanks, I'm really pleased how it turned out

  2. hey mate. love the bike. what front caliper is it on there? looks like a yamaha r6/thundercat? and who made the bracket to fit it? also what front brake disc did you use? i need to replace mine as the standard one is shockingly. might sawell not even have a front brake its that bad. could you email me the answers to if you have chance to do so please. it would be much appreciated.

  3. Rob, I'll answer here for you and others that are interested.

    the caliper is off an XJR1300 blue spot which were fitted to R6's etc

    the disk was off FZR125R front.The bracket I made with ally plate and a hack saw

    for full specs check out May 2011 blog!

  4. cool. thanks mate. did the disk fit straight on?

  5. hole for hole, yes. you just need a spacer making to run the disk clear of wheels and fork leg. The caliper needs to be assessed to so it doesn't do the same.

    Always mock up, measure twice, cut once.

    that's why you see a conti board spacer and caliper mount in the pictures.Use washer to pack, then measure what you have.

  6. Mate would you be able to send me any wiring diagrams you have for the XS400?

  7. you can get wiring diagrams at