Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Shocks

Won a pair of Laverda shocks off eBay @ 14.5" tall. Makes the bike's stance a little better and they are black!!


  1. this project is beautiful. i was linked here from which i just found on google. I read through your whole blog and am very impressed with your foresight. If you don't mind me asking... how much did the whole project cost? I might be picking up a 2 xs400's for dirt cheap from craigslist and i am totally interested in starting a similar project. How tall are you and is the ride comfortable?

  2. Thanks.

    I'm 5'10" (31" inside leg) and with the less padded seat from standard, its perfect!

    I think it cost about £1000 but lots of time researching and asking favors.
    Get a photo of an inspirational bike and pin it up on the wall of the garage. Keep referring to it, but don't be afraid to deviate a bit!

    come and say hello at

  3. this bike is bad ass! i love it! <3

  4. Great bike and building blog! With the 14,5" shocks are there any problems with the chain actually hitting the swingarm. Did you ever had to change your Nylon swingarm guide or is it still in good condition? With your expercience in running such an 14,5" set up, could one install 14,5" without any modifications to the swingarm? Thanks in advance!