Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"blueing" my nuts

No its not that cold at the moment, I'm talking a cheap way of protecting my steel nuts and bolts as well as refurbing the rusty ones.

I've been doing this method since I learned it at school when we had decent workshop facillities like furnaces, and metal work rooms. I made a bottle opener and heated it to just under cherry then dipped it in old engine oil. the finish was superb and was a nice satin black.

well I tried it on the engine bolts and they came up a treat. I stuck them in a drill and used wet and dry to get most of the rust off then used wire wool to get a good finish. Got my butane torch and heated till I got bored (I think the steel is pretty hard being engine bolts) and quenched it in some old engine oil.

I think it came out pretty good and its tough too!


  1. I'm surprised this technique doesn't change the temper of the steel. How can you be sure you're not weakening the bolts?

  2. it doesn't get heated that much and is a common old school technique!