Monday, 9 May 2011

Ignition switch mounted

Managed to get another blank cylinder turned as the other one, along with the cover, has gone on vacation and don't know when it will be back!

I used my pillar drill with a 38mm hole saw and cut a recess down to meet all the sides of the cover. Then I cut another 25mm hole within that so the ignition switch can feed into the starter chamber.

Its a real tight fit (good!) so I think I'll just silicone it in place. I have noticed that if the switch needs repairing/replacing, I would have to break it to get it out!Silicone sealant will yeild eventually.

here's a pikkie with it on the engine;

that is a marine switch so should be weather proof.

As you may notice I took off the head and barrel so I can clean them and paint the head that graphite metallic grey!. Not sure whether to paint the barrel in black or leave natural.....

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