Sunday, 16 January 2011

more on the blue spot caliper

The caliper came today so I gave a it a thorough clean. what a really nice bit of kit!

the body has a blued coating so won't need painting and the pins etc are stainless.

so I've ordered new EBC pads from Ghost bikes in preston and it's good to go.

I've spoken to another xs400 friend in London who has had made a caliper bracket and he warned me that the original caliper holes are not perpenducular to the fork leg. Looking closer, he's right and will need to take this into account when designing this. I do have a couple of diagrams that I can use for the mounts and spacer, I'll post them here even though it says SR400 the mods have fitted brakes the same side as the XS.

15.4 mm spacer

10.6 mm spacer

I'll post which one i used after its done

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