Saturday, 8 January 2011


I got looking around the net and felt that the brakes i have on the front won't do any justice. So I got a TZR125 disk from ebay and fitted that!

looks good

now I've looked at this site

and seen the blue spot calipers on there that fit the SR (same braking system but on the other side) and seen that the XJR 1300 has these so I've just gone and bought one off ebay.

so we'll see when it comes if I can get it to fit.
The disk will need spacing and a bracket made to fit the caliper, other than that I don't envisage any probs!!


  1. Hello there, ive just purchased a 1980 xs250 that requires a front caliper to finish. i have been dirverted to your blog via the yamaha owners club, and was wondering if you could help?? Regards Andy.

  2. It just happens i have a refurbed front caliper with stainless piston. I just needs to repaint the caliper as I spilt brake fluid on it when I fitted a faulty brake line.

    PM me through the YOC


  3. hey Drew, love the XS DT. Im working on an XS project and have picked up a blue spot caliper and looking into getting a bracket made. How did you go with the SR bracket? Furthermore can you offer any advise as to a disc that will fot this caliper, with or without spacers? cheers, jono

  4. @ jono have a look at the link I posted for compatible disks.A fellow xs owner got ducati disk and says its dished so he doesn't need a spacer.
    I only just got the spacer delivered 20/5/11, just got to remember which spec I sent him!