Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oil gauge mount

today I managed to do a couple of hours on the bike. The Temp was about 1'C so working outside was bearable.

I had the problem of how to mount gauge cover from a previous post and looked into a 2 1/2 " Munsen bracket. They are not cheap and tried to borrow one, but no-one had any.
Whilst mooching in the car i came across a clip bracket for my car extinguisher. Brilliant, it fits

also had an alloy footrest off a go kart. I now decided to mount the gauge at the side of the engine rather than clutter the headstock. So I made a cardboard template and cut out the ally using the angle as the mount for the clip.

now to give it a polish, and there we go. The standard NPT fitting on the oil gauge fits the thread on the pressure switch so its a direct replacement

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