Sunday, 28 November 2010

I can fit an Oil cooler!

whilst perusing the forum, there is a member on there  who has fitted an oil cooler from an XJ600 bike along with the adaptor plate.

A racer had also manufactured an adaptor plate, the rest is easy to make up.

Any way, I have an xs1100 oil cooler and an xj600 adaptor plate. I am going to get a friend to make another extension to this, as the later xj one i have will foul the frame rails. I can then use the cartridge filter that comes with these bikes.
I have made a little mount using thin wall channel and a litle welding, then I have fixed this to the bike.


  1. Hey Drew, I've been following you for a bit and keep coming back to this topic time and time again. Love the end result of your tracker, beautiful bike. I currently have 2 '81 XS400 cafe/streetfighter conversions in the works and am very interested in this mod. Where abouts could I get the adapter plate that you mention in this post? I'm not the greatest in german so I don't know where to turn on any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I got one off an XJ600s as per text. It fits with a small adaptor plate which i had made for me.
    I haven't fitted it yet as I still need the hoses.
    Have a look at the other XJ series, the beauty in this is you get to fit a screw on oil filter.

    Not a lot else I can say really, scour the breaker yards. It won't cost much.