Saturday, 13 November 2010

How it started

finally managed to complete an xs400 restoration and had a left over frame and some others bits and pieces.

So I thought I'd do something to get my creative jucies going, this is how i tackled it

tried a small speedo and the standard bars looked ok, bought tomaselli levers, I wanted a clean look on the bars! first problem, hydraulic brakes. I need a solution to keep those bars clear!

managed to buy a tank, seat and side panels from a defunct project in Leeds

didn't like the tank, too big, so bought a DT125 tank and looks better, fitted custom forks which are longer and fitted longer rear shocks bought from stafford bike show last year. Bought 2 ally ignition coils and remounted them.

even found on ebay a stainless hand made fork brace

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