Monday, 15 November 2010

more on lamps

Changed my mind again!

saw a Davida ad with a triumph flattracker with a number board and a built in lamp. I want one of those!!!!

So i gets a bit of alloy and have a play around

the bit sticking up is going, just wanted to see what i'tll look like (easier to cut off than add on)

I think I'll make a switch panel and get an old type mechanical switch, Bingo I've found a NOS WW2 electrical switch for an aircraft!

got a VW relay to actuate the high/low beam and have sourced micro switches from Maplins and used a brake banjo with a bleed nipple (thrown away and drilled out) to mount the switch as a lever mounting bolt.

mounted on the handlebars

just need to figure a way to pull over a rubber hood to protect the switch button!

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