Saturday, 20 November 2010

Battery location and the Tank

I intend to put the battery under the rear seat but there is'nt much room in there. I want to keep everything hidden and just show off the frame.
A friend of mine work for analarm company and managed to get me a 2.2amp alram battery for free. so I'm running with that and insulating it with dense foam.

with the battery bought, I made a cradle out of thin wall angled steel

made a buck of the tank I want, with a cardboard template made so the underside clears the ATE mastercylinder.
the tank is hand made in Cornwall from guy's details I seen on ebay.
here is the tank at the makers!

looking great!
got the tank delivered and can't wait to fit it. Its scary as I hope I had done the correct measurements and the builder has interpreted them correctly..

eureka it fits, just got to smooth it down and paint

I fitted the tank by using 3 mounting points; 2 at the front externally and one at the rear all using rubber bobbins

I think it looks cool, it had to be high to clear the master cylinder, need to think of a colour scheme to reduce the size even more. God knows how much fuel it holds, talking of fuel I also lined the tank with red tank liner from tank care products on recommendation from the builder.

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